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Unfortunately there comes a time when a tree(s) on your property may need to be removed. If you need a tree removed you have to come the right place, with over 30 years experience our team has the knowledge, equipment and right approach to get the job done right, everytime.

We are "The Tree Removal Experts"

Tree work is a very dangerous job which is why JL's is outfitted with industry leading, processes & equipment to bring the safety, efficiency and professionalism right to your doorstep. From helmets equipped with built in communication systems to the highest level of quality on every job. JL's does not cut any corners and is clearly a cut above the rest.

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AKA - The Grapplesaw Truck

Our custom built grapplesaw truck is one of a handful of these state of the art machines in Canada. It is custom designed for tree removal and emergency tree removal. This truck. was a 2 year process to go from an idea to a reality, it provides "Remote Control Tree Removal" and reaches 114ft away from where it is set up, it grabs, cuts and carries the tree in pieces and places them is a safe drop zone, all ran by remote control. We often have an audience when Xcalibur is working as it is a spectacle to see it at work.


It is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal in the industry bar none. 

Our grapplesaw truck is best suited for residential and commercial tree removal as it does the work of a 4 person crew in a 3rd of the time while leaving your property completely intact.

Here are some videos showing Xcalibur the Treeboss in action!

Self Propelled Aerial Lift


Our self propelled aerial lift is fantastic for trimming and removing trees in hard to reach places. With turf friendly tires and articulated steering it brings the safety and efficiency right into your backyard giving you piece of mind when we are working on your property and around your home.

At only 5.5ft wide this machine is a much better alternative to traditional bucket trucks as it can go many more places than they can while keeping your property intact.

A 61ft working height and 37ft lateral reach ensures we can access your trees without the risk associated with old school climbing techniques. 

Here are some photos & videos showing the lift at work!

Turf Friendly Material Handler

When you need a lot of material moved JL's has you covered. Our Avant 528 loader is and industry leading piece of equipment that is designed for the day in day out challenge of tree work. Its articulated steering and turf tires keeps your lawn intact while getting the job done safely and much more efficiently than anyone else.

When the green machine comes out to play you can guarantee a lot of work is going to get done in a short amount of time. It is 45 inches wide and can lift over 2000lbs which makes our jobs much easier and injury free.

Here are some photos & videos showing the loader at work and how it doesn't ruin the lawn while driving on it!


At JL's Tree, climbing is the last resort as it presents the most risk to our team and your property. There are always those specific tree jobs where there is no equipment access and we need to go back to basics to get the job done. 

Here at JL's our team has a combined experience of 30 years in climbing trees. You're in good hands when we are working on your property. 

Another point to mention is the owner of the company "Joe" was a climbing technician at Humber College teaching proper climbing techniques to upcoming arborists. He has students he has taught all throughout Ontario including most of the local companies in our service area. 

We have the knowhow to get even the most challenging tree jobs done as you can see in this video showing one of the most technical tree jobs ever completed in our history.

Check out our photos & videos here.

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