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Do you need a stump removed? Tired of tripping on it, trying to cut the grass around it or just tired of looking at it?

We are here to help with those pesky tree stumps. Our stump grinder is automated to so it makes quick work of your unwanted tree stumps and does a better overall job.

When it comes to any stumps in the side/front yard of your property we always submit for locates to ensure none of your underground services are damaged during stump grinding operations.

Stump grinding is usually priced a $10 to $12 per inch in diameter at the root flare. This can give you an idea of the expected costs associated with having a stump ground out on your property. We want to be as informative and up front as possible to help you with your tree stumps. 

Our stump grinder is 36 inches wide so it can get to your stumps problem free.

Here are some photos of our stump grinder in action.

JL's Tree Service - Guelph Tree Service, City of Guelph
JL's Tree Service - Guelph Tree Service, City of Guelph
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