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When you become a client at JL's Tree Service you are automatically enrolled in our "TREE CYCLING" program. This program is our contribution to helping to sustain and maintain a greener world for our future. It is always unfortunate when we have to remove trees, but this is a natural process, like all living things, trees also have a life cycle. When they reach the end of their life trees can become dangerous to the people and property around them.


When we remove trees, the smaller pieces are processed through our chipper and turned into mulch which is available for purchase or donated to schools, nature centres and outdoor centres in our community. The organic mulch that is created returns the tree back to the earth and provides a natural setting for the locations it is delivered to.


The larger pieces of wood and logs are donated to children's outdoor programs for projects and outdoor learning spaces creating a natural play atmosphere for our future generation. When you hire JL's you are contributing to your community.

Did you know?

JL's Tree Service is also a lead partner (9 years and counting) in organizing and volunteering our time, equipment and team members in the Trees 4 Tots program through the Guelph-Wellington Children's foundation. This program collects live Christmas trees annually, for a donation, the trees are chipped and the mulch is used for community gardens. To date we have helped raise over $500,000 that goes directly to children in our community. 

Contact us today to get involved!

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