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We specialize in low impact Remote Control Tree Removal. From small tree removal to large scale tree removal we provide you with the safest & most efficienct operation in the industry.



Do you need a tree removed?

Learn more about about tree removal, including pricing, process and things to keep in mind when having trees

removed from your property.


Do you have an emergency tree job?


Learn more about what to do if a tree falls on your home, what your first steps should be & how we can help during an emergency situation.


Do you have tree stumps on your property? 


Learn more about the benefits of stump grinding, price breakdown & things to be aware of when having stump grinding done on your property.  

What To Expect When Working With JL's Tree...

Here at JL's Tree our objective is to be as informative as possible to help you make the right decision for you, your property and your trees. We provide clarity on the scope of work, the process we intend to use and the results you can expect when the job is completed. You should never have to feel unsure or worried about having work completed on your property which is why we take the extra steps neccessary to address any questions or concerns you may have to give you the added confidence and piece of mind that JL's is the right company to work with.


Take a look at some of the videos below showing us working for people just like you.   

JL's Tree Service - Guelph Tree Service, City of Guelph
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We Care About You & Your Neighbourhood

When working on trees in residential neighbourhoods there are many challenges that we need to consider when working on your property. . Some of those challenges are narrow streets, pedestrian traffic & neighbouring properties.  

1Narrow Streets

When working in residential neighbourhoods the streets or roadways can make our jobs of finding places to park big trucks and equipment challenging especially with short spaces between driveways and thin streets. Tree companies have large & heavy equipment so we make sure we situate our trucks with appropriate road cones/pylons to enable people in your neighbourhood to know the work is happening but also be able to drive by to get to where they are going. 

2. Pedestrian Traffic

Residential properties always have pedestrian traffic which needs to be taken into consideration when having any tree work done on your property. Pedestrian traffic is always challenging depending on the area we are working in as sometimes we are working in trees over sidewalks and or moving heavy branches and logs from the property to the trucks. In these situations we always us road pylons/cones and signage to warn people passing by that there is a tree removal/pruning operation ahead. 


3. Neighbouring Properties

In residential neighbourhoods there are always neighbours nearby so we take every precaution we can to not disturb your neighbours. We all have that nosey neighbour that wants to know exactly whats going on when you are having any work on your property. At JL's we use top of the line two way radio communication systems in our helmets so when we are working on your property there is no shouting or hollering while the work is happening. This increases our safety tremendously as every one of our team members are in constant communication with eachother at all times. We are often told we look like a swat team or a military crew!! 

These are just a few things to know about and that we take into consideration when working on residential properties. We make the tree opertion smooth without blocking traffic, pedestrians or bothering your neighbours. 

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