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Our Equipment

Revolutionizing the industry with top of the line technology & Equipment. Bringing you peace of mind, using the safest methods possible. 


Haloutte 55xa Self Propelled aerial lift A.K.A. "Cliff"

This machine has changed our business drastically, bringing unparalleled safety and efficiency  to our job site. 

The Safety this aerial lift provides for you and our staff is incomparable and outmatched to traditional climbing methods, The use of aerial lifts is the future of the arboriculture industry.

This machine is also designed to fit into most backyards and drive on practically any type of turf with no damage making it a better option over old school climbing techniques. 

Avant 528 articulating loader

This machine takes care of our staff's health/bodies by doing all the heavy lifting. Lifting more then 10 times what 1 person can lift, with a width of only 50 inches it can squeeze into lots of tight spaces. 

What sets this loader apart from traditional skid steers or loaders is not only the articulating motion, but also the turf tires. You can be rest assured that driving this equipment on your lawn will leave it just the way it was before we came. 


Toro STX38 Stump Grinder
A.K.A. "Stumpy"

Our stump grinder is one of the best in the industry. It gets the job done in a quickly and timely manner. Grinding your stump 8-10 inches below grade is nothing for this machine. Stump grinding keeps insects and rodents away from your decaying stump, making your home a safer place. 

Vermeer BC1800XL
A.K.A. "Big Wood"

This beast of a machine chips most of the branches and logs from your tree job.  We never leave the yard without our most fundamental piece of equipment. We pride ourselves in our meticulous clean up and we wouldn't be able to do it without this beauty of a machine. 

An added safety feature this machine has that is unique is the knee bar. If anything hits the bar right below the chipper tray it will shut off instantly.

This chipper is the largest in our service area, chipping a whole 18 inches in diameter, saving our staff's backs  from moving all that firewood. 


The Fleet

Our fleet of trucks have wide range of uses. With 3 dump trucks on our crew, a pick up truck and little Suzie-Q (our quoting car) we tackle every aspect of the job with professionalism and quality. We strive for a clean, professional, uniformed look. As we believe our appearance is a small glimpse into the quality of work we provide.