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The Dream Team

Meet our current team, and see if its a family you would like to join. Our team of spectacular arborists combine small town customer service with extensive tree knowledge and education. As safety as our top priority, we strive to exceed industry standards in all we do. 

At the root of it all, we are true tree lovers who use our world class expertise to provide you and your trees with exceptional care.



We would like to introduce you to the lovely voice on the other end of the phone when you call. Johanne has been working with JL's for almost 2 years and has been an amazing help with all of the behind the scenes parts of the company. Johanne has over 25 years experience in the tree industry and you will not find anyone as caring, nice and professional to talk to. Johanne has mentioned on several occasions that JL's has the best clients she has ever worked with. Since Johanne has been with JL's she has had a tremendous affect on the customer service & detail side of the business, when working on site our clients always comment on how nice Johanne is to speak to, how thorough she is & how detail oreinted she is. We a so grateful to have Johanne on our team as the company wouldn't be where it is without her help & skillset.

Favorite Things: The time spent with family & friends, playing cards/board games, laughing & sharing time around the backyard firepit with the kids.

Favorite Food: I love all things food and enjoy dining out.


Favorite Vacation Spot: I've had the privelidge to travel to many different countries but home is where the heart is.

Favorite Pass Time: After a long day you can often find me relaxing on the deck watching the sun go down.

Favorite Part About JL's:

My favorite thing about working at JL's is the opportunity to build strong relationships wiht our clients & working with a company that has safety as their number one priority. The team camaraderie with my coworkers is icing on the cake!

Tom - AKA Tommy Guns, Chris 3

Tom is our crew lead, his leadership qualities help guide all our staff and ensure safety on the job site. Growing and expanding his skill set on a daily basis, Tom is no stranger to pushing himself to his limits to be the best version of himself that he can be. His patience and professionlism are evident as soon as you speak with him. Tom ensures your jobs are completed properly, efficiently & safely. He is a tree climber at heart, certified arborist, crane operator & equipment operator. Tom's sense of humor makes the jobsite fun, keeps everyone happy while getting the job done. In Tom's off time you can find him woodworking where he creates amazing pieces in his wood shop. 

Hobbies: Woodworking, Snowboarding, Longboarding, Basketball

Favorite Spots: Basketball, Golf 

Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza

Favorite Vacation Spot: Montreal

Favorite Things: Sunsets/Sunrises, Climbing Trees & Hanging out with fiends

Favorite Part About Working At JL's:

Amazing people & atmosphere to be around. Finding a safe & efficient solution to a challenge or problem. Continuing to learn & grow everyday. Bugging Chris 2 over the radios 

image0 (17)_edited.jpg

Chris - AKA Chris 1, Macgivor

Chris is our quietest staff, but not to be fooled with. He is our brains behind our equipment & a modern day Macgivor. He literally can fix anything! His knowledge, patience & skillset is a huge help to keep everything running smoothly & safely. Chris is also our crane operator, tree climber, drone operator & 2nd crew lead. His outside the box thinking, approach & awareness to the challenges we face everyday ensures everything is completed properly & that nothing is missed. He is a fantastic all around person with a great sense of humor too. During his off time you can see his passion and patience through his beautiful photography. 

Hobbies:  Camping in search of adventure, Photography, Cinemaphotography

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere to escape the confines or manufactured landscape

Favorite Things: Adventure & Lifelong Learning

Favorite Food: More of a Foodie (his words)

Favorite Part Of Working At JL's:

The fun in working at JL's is the professionalism of the team & the group of people to work with. It makes the days intersting & stress free.

James - AKA Lumberjim, Jimmy

James has been doing tree work for several years now and is a great addition to the JL's team. His positivity and work ethic make him a huge help on the crew. James has a passion & love for tree work and is working towards becoming a volunteer firefighter on his off time. We are super happy to have James on the team and we love the back and forth jokes over the radio systems while working on site.

Hobbies: Tree work, Outdoors, Camping & Dog Training

Favorite Vacation Spot: Madeira, Portugal

Favorite Food: Little Caesars Pizza

Favorite Thing About Working At JL's:

The open family environment & the unbreakable bonds we form while working together. The variety of work we do & the level or precision, safety & professionalism the team has while doing it.


Chris - AKA Chrs 2, Chris H Squared

Chris is an all around great person, he is newer to tree work and has been learning the ropes over the last year. He is the life of the party and keeps the jobsite full of laughter and great morale. Since we are always in communication with our two way radio systems, you can be sure Chris will chyme in with some kind of humorous remark or comment no matter what the topic. Chris is an absolute joy to have on the team day in and day out!

Hobbies: Hockey & Reading

Favorite Vacation Spot: Haliburton ON

Favorite Things: Friends & Family

Favorite Foods: Burgers & Fries

Favorite Things About Working At JL's:

The people are great, everyday is different and there is always a challenge in figuring out how to do the job safely.

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