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JL's Tree Service - Guelph Tree Service, City of Guelph
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Getting tree work done can be can be a very tough and challenging job to navigate through due to the type of work it is and all of the opinions, recommendations and costs associated with it.

The first reason why it is challenging is because no situation or property is the same so it makes for an everchanging environment. Being an arborist for the past 15 years has taught me many things but one thing that I always express to my clients is the safety that is often overlooked with this line of work.

Tree work has always been viewed as a guy with a truck and a chainsaw so why is it so expensive!?

I'll try to break it down as clear and conscise as possible:

1. Risk

The risks that come with doing tree work are some of the highest you can think of, we have to move significant weights of wood from heights of 10-80ft while being tied into a tree with no engineered tie in point to hang our lives off of. It is literally like putting your life on the line day in day out. Then we use chainsaws which are some of the most unforgiving tools that can end your career with one slip up, mistake or misjudgement. Now that the tree is on the gorund we have to move all of that heavy material to a machine (wood chipper) that is designed to destroy anything that goes into it. 

Tree work is in the top 3 most dangerous jobs in the world with good reason for it with over 77,000 incidents annually in North America, 91% of which are homeowners working on their own trees and the other 9% are accounted from professional arborists. We are usually called for trees when they are dead or have already shown signs that they are a risk to people or property. Our job is to figure out a way to get this tree(s) down without ruining anything below, getting the tree down is one task but now get it down without causing any damage, thats a totally different set of challenges. Combine that with a pool, shed, house, fence, deck, patio, driveway and you definitely have a one of a kind dangerous puzzle in front of you.



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