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JL's Tree Service was started from pure passion.

At a young age Joe was always driven by passion, he was always into sports as a child. In his teenage and early adult years he was heavily involved in skateboarding to where he reached a professional level. When his body could no longer handle the abuse from skateboarding he found great lake surfing, riding waves on lake Huron, Erie and Ontario during the fall and winter months. No matter what, Joe has always been 100% driven by passion. 

Although he had lots of interests/hobbies during the first part of his working years, he couldn't seem to find the same passion at any positions he worked at. From bagging groceries to lifting heavy feed bags for a living Joe knew he needed to find a new direction.

After dating for several months Joe's (future wife) Jessica told him to focus on doing something he loved doing instead of just a job. This is when the lightbulb went off and everything changed. Joe enrolled into fire training to become a Firefighter, he graduated from fire school a short while later and that is where he found his passion for rope access and rescue training. He took things to the next level by learning about all types of rope access work and the industires it is used in. By following his passion it led him into the trees and eventually he found himself living every kids dream of swinging through the trees as an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist. Joe and Jessica were just married when she and Joe took a chance and started their own business. With the help of Jess' father letting them borrow his old ford ranger and 4x12 plywood trailer they created
JL's Tree Service.


After a few years of hard work and learning how to run a business, Joe purchased a used wood chipper and a cherry red 1983 Chevy C30 dump truck. From that moment on  things continued to snowball, every year searching out trucks and equipment that he could afford to buy and fix himself, he slowly began growing the business to what it is today. 

family 2020.jpg

8 years & 3 kids later, Joe and his wife Jess along with their amazing team of staff, continue to operate and grow JL's Tree Service. They have came a long way from the days of using a small truck and trailer with the hope and a dream of building a business that could eventually support their lives.

"The things that haven't changed is our passion for trees and commitment to our clients with providing the best quality and service possible in every aspect of our business."  

Now equipped with 7 team members and the safest, most efficient equipment in the industry, it is safe to say...